In order to receive approval to carry out TORTOUR Ultracycling 2021, we had to develop a protection concept that meets the guidelines and requirements of the authorities and thus reduces the potential risk of infection to a minimum.

It is very important to us that all those involved adhere to the prescribed measures so that further cycling events can be held in the near future.

The protection concept of TORTOUR Ultracycling 2021 includes that all those involved can present a valid Covid certificate* upon arrival in Sihlcity. Those who do not bring a valid Covid certificate with them at check-in are not eligible to participate. In addition to the athletes, this obligation also applies to all crew members / supervisors.

*Valid Covid certificate from Switzerland or the EU can be verified via the Swiss Covid-check-app. Admission to the event on basis of other documents and vaccination certificates is not possible. This also explicitly applies to the UK. Persons from outside Switzerland or the EU are therefore requested to be tested in Switzerland.

How do I get a Covid certificate:

  • I am double vaccinated.
  • I have recovered.
  • I was tested negative for the corona virus using the antigen test – which can be carried out free of charge in any pharmacy. The test must have been carried out in the last 48 hours before check-in in Sihlcity.
  • I was tested negative for the corona virus using the test procedure of the PCR test – which can be carried out in many medical practices for a fee. The test must have been carried out in the last 72 hours before check-in in Sihlcity.

Special offer PCR test (valid 72h) for tortourists (athletes and

Crew members / supervisors):

In order to reduce your effort and the circumstances associated with the testing, we offer you the following alternative to receiving the Covid certificate via a PCR test.

For the amount of CHF 49, the registered test person with a residential address in Switzerland will be sent a PCR saliva test to their home 4 days before the event. This can be done independently and sent back to the Ender Diagnostic laboratory using the return envelope provided. The exact instructions follow in the dispatch with the test.

Important: This extremely low price for the PCR test is only possible because the tests are pooled. For this purpose, 4 tests are always randomly mixed together and evaluated. This approach significantly reduces costs. If the pool test is negative, the four participants will immediately be sent the valid Covid certificate electronically. If, on the other hand, a pool test shows a positive result, the four people will be contacted and further instructions must be followed.

You can register for the offer via our website and must be made by August 10th at the latest :

Further information on the exact procedure for checking the Covid certificate at check-in can be found in the 2021 manual, which will be published on the homepage before the event.

Spectators of the event area

Access to the start / finish area and the partner village on the Sihlcity-Kalanderplatz is granted to those who can show a valid Covid certificate.

We are really looking forward to the 13th TORTOUR Ultracycling. Together we strive to hold an event of high quality and safe from a health point of view. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via contact us.