Premiere TORTOUR Jersey 2021

The new design of the TORTOUR jerseys 2021 is here. In close collaboration with Giordana, we have succeeded in subjecting our latest design. The new jersey impresses with a modern anthracite base colour and attracts the attention of the viewer with attractive colour accents as well as a proud TORTOUR Ultracycling lettering on the chest and back.

Women only! This year the first TORTOUR women’s jersey, which is also differentiated by colour, celebrates its premiere. The bright pink gives the jersey that certain something and contributes significantly to the modern-elegant appearance.

We are already looking forward to seeing all of this year’s Tortouristi on the bike in these exclusive jerseys.

The TORTOUR jersey is made of UPF 50+ fabric for improved breathability and moisture management. The jersey is an excellent fit for racing. Features include a full-length concealed zipper, highly reflective trim at the top of the three cargo pockets, aerodynamically shaped sleeves with laser-cut cuffs, and a hammerhead shoulder fit.

Here you can look at the TORTOUR 2021 Collection:

Opening of all registrations for the “TORTOUR Events 2022”

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