A mental challenge – everything for the perfect TORTOUR

TORTOUR Challenge in a team of 2 – preparation, anticipation and respect! Two team members of the Sunrise UPC teams report on the excitement of the TORTOUR and their journey to the starting ramp.

“My greatest wish is to arrive in one piece, have fun and not suffer too much,” is the goal of Christoph Stumpp, Director Business Service at Sunrise UPC, for the TORTOUR Challenge 2021. A goal that many participants share. Nevertheless, it will be tough going for most of them in the end – only the toughest will reach the finish line. A lot of endurance is required to cover 520 kilometres in a two-person team. The route runs over the San Bernardino Pass and the legendary Tremola up to the Gotthard Pass. Something that is guaranteed and also desired by Christoph is the chance to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes that are traversed during the race. These combined with the positive emotions that help to boost the 2-person team and unleash their energy, will make this an unforgettable cycling adventure.

Jany Fruytier, CFO at Sunrise UPC, also wants to push himself to the limit. He rides in the second Sunrise/UPC team and is aiming for a top 5 finish with his team partner! Having participated five times, he is a seasoned TORTOURIST and stresses the importance of the right mental preparation. “In previous years I have experienced all conditions – including hailstorms. You have to be ready for anything and mentally prepare yourself for it.” To master this mental challenge, he trains in advance with his partner in a wide range of conditions and at all times of the day. After all, night riding is also part of the TORTOUR Challenge.

Christoph has great respect for the ride through the darkness: “The night ride is certainly something special because I have never ridden like this before.” He will complete the descent down San Bernardino during the night and hopes for good visibility and dry weather. Like Jany, he regards mental preparation as the key to success. It is important to go over all the sections of the course thoroughly in advance and internalise them. Both identify one key element of the ideal preparation – devouring kilometres!

” Riding in a team is particularly motivating and provides additional energy, because you always ride for your partner,” says Christoph, explaining the attraction of competing in a team. Jany has a similar opinion: “It’s a fantastic feeling to push yourself to the limit. Motivating each other in the team makes it even more special”. Not to forget the crews who accompany both teams during their adventure and further motivate them.

In any case, the excitement is tangible for both of them and will probably turn into a touch of nerves shortly before the start.

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